Resources and Assistance to Individual and Businesses & Opportunities for those who want to make a difference

During the crucial time for the entire world, and we have the opportunity to make a difference in our small community of Fort McMurray. As you may have heard from many sources that older people are more vulnerable in the recent pandemic, and so, whatever we can do to help them would be rewarding hereafter Inshaa Allah. There is not only one way, but you may offer help to your neighbor, volunteer, or donate towards the cause.

Government Emergency helpline for sick

If you feel sick or require any other emergency,

  • Please visit Emergency at Fort McMurray hospital or

  • Contact Alberta health service emergency line: 811

  • Alberta Health services resource link: Click here

  • Self-assessment tool for Coronavirus: Click here

Government Financial support to Canadians and businesses

Canada federal and provincial governments offering economic benefits to Canadian individuals and businesses, and please look at the following links where you can be eligible to get the benefits.

  • Federal Benefits in direct support to Canadian workers: Click here

  • Alberta Provincial Benefits: Click here

Financial support for Muslim needy from Markaz

If you need financial help whose family income less than $1,200 per month and who needs financial help, please contact us with your name, phone number, and family income at http://bit.ly/markazhelp. If you want, please let us know to keep your information confidential.

Grocery delivery support for Muslim Old age from Markaz

If you (or someone you know) are 55 years and older or a Widow or Widower who needs grocery delivery help, please send us their details at http://bit.ly/markazhelp. Please allow at least 24 hours before you need grocery delivery help.

Be a good neighbor

If someone is living around your home and elderly, please offer help to get groceries for them, and this is the least we can do to be a good neighbor. To give you a quick example, you can create a small poster of saying, “If you are 55 age or older and living in Fort McMurray, we are willing to assist you with your groceries (lightweight) delivery in the time of Covid 19 pandemic. Please text me at XXX-XXX-XXXX”. See the statement from who has already used this technique – “I have used this idea by posting on my condo entrance, and I got an offer from Non-Muslims to be part of the volunteers”. You would not believe, but start posting in your condo or street, and you would realize the fact of how this effective is and responses from the people.

Be part of volunteering efforts

If you are healthy and energetic, this is the best time to offer help for delivering groceries to old age people. If you want to be part of the volunteer effort, Please sign-up at http://bit.ly/markazhelp

Be generous

There is a majority in our community who do have a good job, but there are still people who may be requiring financial help. The wealthier are stocking their groceries and the store getting empty, and the grocery cost has been rising, and so, we may have from our community who will be needing financial help to get their daily life. Please be part of excellence efforts through making donations. Please donate online at https://www.markazulislam.com/donate, and if you want to give cash, then please be in touch with any of the board members or Call Markaz at 780-791-1602.

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