Fort McMurray Islamic Center Project Update. 26th September 2016

New Islamic Center – Status Update

Assalamu Alaykum warahmatuAllah Wabarakatuh

I hope this letter reaches you all while you are in the best of health and Eiman. Ameen!

On behalf of the Markaz Board and Shura Council, I would like to congratulate every one of you for the great accomplishment we have achieved together as a united community. Alhamdulillah, stage one of phase one (the multi-purpose hall) is on the verge of completion – the expected time for the completion of this stage is December 2016, Insha’Allah. This is a great achievement that we are all proud of! Masha’Allah, $5 million for the land and more than 80% of the funding for the present stage was collected from you. May Allah SWT reward all those who participated and supported this stage. Ameen!

What’s next?
Although what has been accomplished is a great achievement, we still cannot use the new premises until we do the bare minimal to obtain an occupancy permit from RMWB. Your project team has been working very hard to find ways to start using the building with the least amount of funds. After thorough consultation with the Architect, Municipality and Casman, it was determined that in order for us to obtain an occupancy permit and be permitted to use the building, we need $5 million. Insha’Allah, If this amount is raised we will be able to pray in the building as early as next year, 2017.

It is up to us – all of us – You & Me:
Now, it is up to us brothers and sisters – do we, as one united community, come up with the $5M? Or do we sit back and wait, till Allah knows when, or till others do it for us?

Your board is confident that we can do it with our own funding.

Alhamdulilah, we have more than 1000 brothers and sisters employed within our community – all of whom have good paying jobs- and the blessings of Allah are coming to us from all directions; shouldn’t we then show Allah that we are thankful for His many bounties upon us? We have only known all of you, our dear brothers and sisters, to be a very generous community. May Allah bless you all! Ameen

Target: 1000 Donors Pay $5000 each:
We are launching the ‘1000 Person Campaign’ – where 1000 pledge $5000 each. We are confident that with Allah’s help and then your help that this is achievable. The secret is we need to work together. I make an oath by Allah that if everyone takes it upon him or herself to pledge and convince others within his/her circle, we WILL raise the $5M Insha’Allah.

Friday Sept 30 – Big day:
InshaAllah we will be starting this campaign at the New Center. We will be performing the upcoming Friday prayer (Sep 30) at the new center outside the multi-purpose hall pending dry weather conditions. After the prayer, there will be tours of the new building in groups of 25. Hope to see you all there, and looking forward to your support. Please remember your donation is Sadaqa Jariya (continuous charity) and is tax deductible with expected tax refund of ~50% of the amount donated.

Together Insha’Allah we can do it. I urge every one of you to take it upon him/herself to make this a reality.

May Allah reward you and bless you all.


M Ali Al-Zabidi, P. Eng.
VP Projects, Markazulislam (Non Profit Org)
Director/Treasurer, Abram Land Corp (Not for Profit)
Mobile: 780-880 -7756

Markaz New Masjid Project Update, September 2016

Alhamdulillah the project is progressing very well. See our current construction update with photos!

– Roofing is processing well and about 65% complete

– Cladding installation 90% complete

– Multi-purpose hall slab-on-grade has been poured last week

– Stones will be on site next week

– Windows will be on site end of September

– Markaz has spent to date $7.1M on stage 1, phase 1 to Casman, Architect and consultants .  $2.9M remaining to spend to end of this year.

– Working with Casman and RMWB to have one Friday prayer on site parking lot as well as a tour inside the building for whoever is interested. pls subscribe to markaz tweet by dialing 21212 and type “follow MyMarkaz” for more updates


Fort McMurray Islamic Center Project Update. January 2016

New Markaz-Ul-Islam project team, with Sheikh Jamal Alnorui from Kuwait.

May Allah reward manyfolds for his efforts to visit us. Ameen.























Fort McMurray Islamic Center Project Update. December 2015

Project Update
Progress on our New Islamic Center Project is smooth. Following are the updates:

  • Majority of the structural steel are erected.
  • Basement is being heated with natural gas using the under slab heating system.
  • Decking for main floor and running tracks will be commencing in January.
  • Project team is arranging a site tour this Sunday December 27 from 2:30 pm to 3 pm. You will be driving in and circulate the building in a safe manner. No safety gear is required since no one is exiting from their vehicles.
  • Due to holiday season, contractors have taken off from work from December 19 till January 4, 2016.
  • Second round of the good loan collection has started. We request that if you have extra savings, please lend to Markaz as good loan to continue the Project Construction. Loan will be returned as soon as you need it. Please contact any board member for payment. Jazak’Allahu Khairan.

Some recent pictures of construction update are attached.

Steel Structure1 Basement_new project

Steel Structure Pic 2
Front View_steel structure 2

Project Construction Update November 2015
Following are the main updates of the project construction:

  • Back-filling is about 96% complete.
  • All underground services are completed.
  • Steel structures erection has started and will take about 6 weeks to complete.
Please see the attached pictures showing the basement construction and erection of steel structures. Please do not drive into Markaz site on your own. If you would like to go for a site visit, please contact Br. Mohamad Ali Alzabidi – VP Projects.

markaz structure 2

markaz structure

markaz basement 1

Fort McMurray Islamic Center Project Update. September 2015

Alhumdulillah, our New Islamic Center Project construction is progressing very smoothly. All footings are completed. Foundation walls and columns are about 90% complete. Basement Slab on grade is about 70% complete. Water connection is about 90% and sanitary about 10% complete. Backfilling has also started and is about 50% complete. Please have a look on the attached pictures.

Project Picture 1 Project Picture 2




Phase 1 Construction – New Islamic Center Project 5thJuly 2015 Update

20150619_Form Work for Foundation Wall along the North Side of Multipurpose Building (2) 20150619_View of the South Side of the Basement's Foundations, New Acces Ramp 20150622_Formwork of Foundations Walls, Multipurpose Building.2 20150622_Formwork of Foundations Walls, Multipurpose Building.3 20150622_Formwork of Foundations Walls, Multipurpose Building 20150622_Rebars Installation, Foundation Walls, Multipurpose Building 20150624_Backfilling and Compaction, Basement Level of Multipurpose Bldg  20150624_Engineered Backfilling around Foundations of Multipurpose Bildg. 20150624_Formwork and Rebars, Footings Along the east Side of Multipurpose Bldg 20150624_Rebar Installation of Foundation Wall, Multipurpose Bldg. 20150624_Rebar Installation of Foundation Wall, Multipurpose Bldg.2

Phase 1 Construction – New Islamic Center Project 4thJune 2015 Update

Islamic Center Construction Update
Alhumdulillah, concrete for the basement of multi-purpose building was poured and stripping of formwork was ongoing. Exposed concrete foundation’s surfaces were in good conditions. Concrete cover was poured for the high water pressure pipe at the multi-purpose building’s basement level.

Some pictures of the construction activities are attached.

20150603_Rebar of Regular and Elevator Foundations of Multi Purpose Building
20150603_Concrete Cover for High Water Pressure Pipe at Multi Purpose Building
20150603_Foundations of Multi Purpose Building.220150603_Foundations of Multi Purpose Building

Phase 1 Construction – New Islamic Center Project 28th May 2015 Update

Alhumdulillah, excavation for foundation of the Phase 1 is completed and excavation and installation of high water pressure pipe is in progress starting from the northwest corner of the building’s location. Rebar steel fixers are preparing the rebar near the site offices for the building’s foundations. The first concrete pour is potentially taking place on coming Monday. Some construction pictures are attached.

20150526_Excavation for High Pressure Water Pipe_2 20150526_Rebars Preparation 20150526_Excavation for High Pressure Water Pipe
Phase 1 Construction – New Islamic Center Project 13th May 2015 Update
Alhumdulillah, construction of the Phase 1 of New Islamic Center Project has started. Excavation of foundations is in progress, as shown in the attached pictures. May Allah SWT give all of us strength and courage to complete this Project. Please continue supporting the Markaz, the Project and the Community at large. Please make lots of Duaa for the success of the Project. May Allah SWT guide us to do what pleases Him and to keep our community united under the banner of Islam. May Allah SWT bless this community and help us build this remarkable project, Ameen.
Excavation, basement of multi porpose building_May132015
Excavation_gym of multi porpose building_13May2015

Project Construction Ground Breaking Ceremony, Saturday May 2

Alhamdulillah, with the blessings of Allah SWT, we have achieved another important milestone towards our dream of building our new center, the Fort McMurray Islamic Center. After many years of hard work, may Allah SWT reward all involved, we are now ready to start the construction of Phase-1, the multi-purpose hall.

Construction starts on mosque, multicentre

Mayor Melissa Blake, joined by Sheikh-Ahmad Al-Ali Al-Sabah of Kuwait and representatives from Fort McMurray's Islamic community participate in a brick laying ceremony for an Islamic community centre in Fort McMurray's Abraham's Land on Saturday. VINCENT MCDERMOTT/TODAY STAFF

Mayor Melissa Blake, joined by Sheikh-Ahmad Al-Ali Al-Sabah of Kuwait and representatives from Fort McMurray’s Islamic community participate in a brick laying ceremony for an Islamic community centre in Fort McMurray’s Abraham’s Land on Saturday. VINCENT MCDERMOTT/TODAY STAFF

Construction is underway for North America’s largest Islamic community centre project, after Fort McMurray’s Muslim community held their groundbreaking ceremony for the new Markaz Ul-Islam centre in Abraham’s Land.

The ceremony for the $50-million, 10-acre multicentre in Fort McMurray’s north end will also feature an Islamic school, a daycare, a recreation centre and a multipurpose hall, built in four phases. Flanked by the mosque, however, will be two new Christian churches – one Catholic and one protestant – and near the future Northside Recreational Centre.

“You have proved to the world that multifaiths can live together and work together in harmony and with respect,” said Abdul Salaam Abdo, president of Markaz Ul-Islam, in a speech before the ceremony. “We at Markaz Ul-Islam are proud to be a lead contributor to this partnership.”

The massive faith centres are the faithful’s answer to Fort McMurray’s growing population. The original Markaz Ul-Islam mosque, located downtown, was built in 1990.

But since the oilsands boom, demand has become so high that the mosque splits prayer into multiple shifts and even holds sessions in the gymnasium at Holy Trinity High School.

Fort McMurray’s Catholic churches are also showing their age. While average church attendance in Canada is declining, both St. Paul and St. John the Baptist are swelling with new parishioners, with many parishioners forced to stand during mass due to lack of seating.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the two Christian churches has not yet been scheduled, but Mayor Melissa Blake says the city’s Christians are excited for their groundbreaking ceremony to come.

“The greatest resource we have is not oil, it is in fact people,” she said. “The strength of our local Muslim community, like other faith communities, definitely makes our community stronger and better.”

During her speech, Blake praised Fort McMurray’s Islamic community, numbering approximately 10,000 people, for their volunteerism and charitable works, particularly their donations to victims of Alberta’s 2013 flooding.

Aside from Blake, Fort McMurray provincial and federal election candidates also gave speeches. Sheikh-Ahmad Al-Ali Al-Sabah of Kuwait, whose family has helped finance the project, spoke to the crowd in Arabic and participated in a brick-laying ceremony with Blake and mosque representatives.

“Without unity, without sincerity, without hard work a community cannot be built,” said Maqsood Sher, a teacher who hosted the ceremony. “We are distributors. We distribute knowledge, we distribute happiness, we distribute food where it’s needed, and we distribute our wealth. When we leave this world, we want to make sure the people will remember us.”

FMIC ground Breaking Ceremony 2FMIC ground Breaking Ceremony




Fort McMurray Islamic Center Phase # 1:

First phase to consist of a multi-purpose hall (gym with 2 full basketball courts, 1,860 sq m) on the main floorand supporting spaces on basement, main floor, and second floor with a total area of 3,190 sq m. The community has decided to go with this option as the first phase considering the urgent need for a large hall which can be utilized for serveral activities such as Friday prayers, Eid’s pryers, community events, conferences and sports activities for all For McMurray Muslim community. We will have about 475 parking stalls and 20% additional stalles to be shared from Markaz neighbors (Negotiation underway).

Main Floor (Brothers Section):

  • 335 sq m Brothers Daily Prayer Hall
  • 189 sq m lobby & Vestibule
  • Mortuary (to wash deceased Muslims)
  • 2-Full Washrooms for the elderly& handicap

Main Floor (Sisters Section):

  • 332 sq m lobby, hall & Vestibule
  • 2-full washrooms for the elderly
  • 6-Toilets and 4-sinks
  • 41 sq m Large storage for chairs and tables

Basement (East Section, Men):

  • 10-Toilets, 2-Full washrooms and 8- Sinks
  • 42-Ablution Spots
  • 2-Offices, 2-Meeting Rooms, 1-Kitchenette and 1-Storage room
  • 195 sq m Lounge and multi-purpose Hall

Basement (West Section, Boys):

  • 119 sq m Boys washrooms, change room, and locker room (This is to serve the Islamic school once completed).

Upper Floor (All for Sisters and Islamic Shool Girls):

  • 332 sq m Prayer Hall and Lounge
  • 90 sq m Storage space, Offices and Kitchenette
  • 36-Ablution Spots
  • 9-Toilets and 5-Sinks
  • 92 sq m GirlsChange Room

Markaz Entrance (1st Phase)

Markaz Entrance  (1st Phase)

Brothers Entrance (1st Phase)Brothers Entrance  (1st Phase)

Sisters Lounge Phase-1Sisters Lounge Phase-1

Sisters EntranceSisters Entrance Phase-1

Privacy Screens by EntrancePrivacy Screens by Entrance Phase-1